Another highly intellectual conversation. To prevent confusion, I’ll just explain that the gentleman identified as “f” is also known as Big Dog, or “bigs,” because he used to be fat as a kid. Don’t be gettin on me about it, I didn’t know him back then. Anyhow I’m pretty sure he likes it, so Big Dog is stuck.


two-headed monster

So, in contrast to my excessively girly text convos, I must present some of my excessively er… guyly ones. Just warning you, these get a little dirty. Also some prefacing: L and I had recently been joking about strange sexual preferences, so I did a google search on the subject to get some more fodder for this bantering. Very enlightening. But I came across one thing in particular we were both skeptical of. I did, however, believe it could actually be accomplished. He vehemently disagreed. It is called autopederasty. But you’ll see where that comes into play…

Crossing the Line

Sadly, this entire affair is very typical of us. Boys will be boys. And I’m just Ali.

Btw if anyone was curious, the article that sparked the whole autopederasty debate:

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