Our day started out with a New Orleans classic: beignets at Café du Monde, off Jackson Square. I first ate these scrumptious squares of fried dough, doused in powdered sugar, when I was 10 years old, visiting New Orleans with my family. Ever since, they’ve been the subject of an almost fanatical obsession for my entire family. You should let that be your gauge on just how delicious they are. Biting into one you get the hot crunch of the fried dough giving way to the softer, warm inside, while the powdered sugar explodes in a puff in your mouth to melt sweetly on your tongue. Café du Monde itself is rather crowded and hectic, but it has outdoor seating, and today there was a man playing jazz on the street, so it made for a pleasant New Orleans morning.







Resistance to crumbs is futile.


Next we walked along Canal Street. Here are some of the typical wares sold in the tourist traps:

Beads and boas.


Shot glasses galore.


Voodoo dolls.

image015 image017

Mardi gras masks.


They also all sell Café du Monde’s beignet and hickory coffee mixes, a variety of hot sauces, and pralines. These shops are all selling basically the same stuff at the same price.

But we did find one standout item-


We made it to the actual canal. I can tell you it had some boats on it, and that’s about it. But it looked like it had some fun cruises with Creole buffets and live music that would be fun.


Then our adventure began in earnest. We started a great trek down Magazine Street. We walked and walked and walked until I began to feel like Moses, but it was worth it…

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