I’ll admit without much protestation, I’m a crazy person. I might get away with hiding it for a short while, but once you become my friend, or ever see me past 5 on a Friday, my secret alias as a Normal will be blown. But I must profess, I find it much more interesting to be completely bizarre; i.e. myself. Exponentially more entertaining too. Hence why I surround myself with people of an equal caliber of lunacy, and as well how the idea for this blog was conceived. There are just so many hilarious stories from my life that need to be told. I can rarely climb the steps onto a bus without tripping over my own feet and landing in some stranger’s lap; imagine the havoc I wreak on the rest of my life.  But laugh, and the world laughs with you, yes? So I hope you find as much humor in all my botched romantic pursuits, zany conversations with friends, and tales of my beloved, but equally crazy, family as I do. On the other hand, besides all the mess of my regular life, I also wanted to share tales of my travels and some tips/ideas on entertaining and girly-type business. Please do enjoy.

As to the more generic details: my name is Ali Lake, and I’ve just turned 21! World watch out. I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area (known as the Yay Area by the cool among us). As a youngin’ I was greatly influenced by the wit, love, and madness of my parents; my older brother, Joe; and my older sister, Julie.  I am a ballerina, so after I graduated high school, I lived a year in Chicago training at the Joffrey Ballet. Then I danced a season with Milwaukee Ballet II, and this season I’ve been with the Sarasota Ballet in Florida. Other accomplishments include surviving being so horribly clumsy in normal life, having a healthy appreciation for the comedy behind all the embarrassing situations I’ve managed to get myself into, and learning about 100 different ways to pin my hair up. Trust me, when you’ve put your hair up in a bun practically every day of your life since you were 10, you’ll learn a few tricks.

That’s about it. If you’d like to contact me, go ahead. I’d love to hear from you!

January 2018
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