I’ve come across two strange public bathroom inventions. “What?” you think, “Like a new soap dispenser?” No, not quite… Exhibit A) The toll bathroom. I felt quite incensed that I had to pay 25 cents to use the bathroom at this SF movie theatre. It’s a cruel gimmick to charge people to pee.     Exhibit [...]

So petty, but I’m loathe to take any shit. This started with me complaining about rehearsal texts, which L then pointed out to our other friend as being severely ironic. More textual bitch slapping ensued.

That venus flytrap picture feels quite graphic now, doesn’t it?  

I’ve had some brilliant partners in crime, but by far the best has been my high school best friend, Alexandra. First of all, we had the same name and a sweet rhyme to go along with it. Nothing could stop us, we executed pink sparkly ninja attacks and baccalaureate dinners alike with the flare and [...]

My creativity is endless. Colleges, listen up: I’ve invented your next great merchandise moneymaker. They didn’t think anything because they’re complete dullards. I hate when my ingenuity goes unappreciated. Further proof in the superiority of my invention, and it will be much better for the environment.

When I go home on break, things always get interesting.

Because it’s what all the cool kids do when they’re left alone on a Friday night. At 9pm.Jumbo’s Clown Room is really more burlesque exotic dancing. They strip, but it’s only down to their underwear. I write about it in http://alilake.com/stefons-guide-to-la/ . But the next night there were repercussions. Well, honesty is the best policy. Even if you [...]

More girl talk. It’s not all talking about hot boys. Sometimes we’re making fun of you.

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