On Monday I went to the mall to partake in the wonderful and torturous tradition of christmas shopping. I don’t really like the mall, but I was having a pretty good day so far. For one, I was wearing this new fitted jacket that I had bought earlier in the week and made me feel [...]

My last weekend in New York my two ballerina girl friends and I went clubbing. Here is my stream of consciousness from this experience. I feel like many girls will be able to relate…   Is it really dark in here or is everyone black? Well I think that one guy is Indian. Shimmy through [...]

To my sistas who have ever found themselves uncontrollably snarfing a bag of potato chips, lying in bed all morning eating chocolate, inexplicably crying while unloading the dishwasher, or tiptoeing down the hall in the dead of night to pilfer your roommate’s ice cream, We need to do something about this injustice. I’m talking about [...]

I was going through papers cleaning up my room and found some brilliant poetry of mine from high school. This one was to my best friend- we always used to go on walks at night and talk about our lives. It reminds me of some other very blog-worthy stories I have to tell involving her. [...]

The oddest name for a nail polish color I’ve ever heard. I mean, really it conjures up a rather gruesome image. Some lady’s boob explodes, and now I’m painting my nails with her blood? Is that what they were going for?

I WANT TO BE THESE HANDS If you ever wondered what girl talk is, let me assure you, it’s matters of the utmost importance. This conversation started as a contemplation of whether a boy’s date-movie choice implied he liked me (I rather think the date implied that…), but quickly got on to more important and [...]

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