I’m not one of those people that says guys and girls can never be friends, but I do think that every once in a while there arises a moment of uncomfortable one-sided romance. At these times, my natural reaction is a genius ploy of blind panic and an attempt to correct this imbalance by being [...]

People of the world (we’ll be optimistic with that “world” part), I am not proud of what I am about to show you, but some things are too funny not to see the light of day. When I returned home, I knew I had some comedic gold stashed away- I’ve kept every diary I’ve ever [...]

Jesus is a hot, shirtless artist, painting in the Arts and Warehouse District. Let me tell you people, he looks just like in The Bible. And by that I mean The Bible TV Miniseries. Except, thank goodness, he has shaved off his scruff and trimmed his hair a bit. Still, his golden locks flow in [...]

If you’re the average youngin’, you’re used to doing some mild creeping on Facebook, and that’s totally acceptable. But once you’ve had the idea to start creepin on Match, you can’t give it up. Nor should you. It’s basically Internet shopping for people. See when I was home this past Christmas, my mom and I [...]

Some boys are rather stupid about the whole vegetarian deal.   Who the hell doesn’t eat sweet potatoes or plums? I mean regardless of whether I, with my wild vegetarian ways, am trying to force-feed you everything I eat, I hardly think those two items are so outrageous. Once I come at you with seaweed [...]

I get myself into the worst situations.   You know what happened after that? S texted L back that he hadn’t even seen me. Yes- I would have gotten away with this accidental stalking, if I hadn’t made L tell S about it. This seemed like a good point to just go ahead and exile [...]

(Hobo bait.) Let me tell you straight: there is a thin line between being a romantic and being certifiably insane. Really there may not even be a line. I have high suspicion the two are one in the same. Now if you are a normal person, and to you being a romantic means you like [...]

(no fiddling was actually involved)

(No fiddling was involved.) I’ll confess I am a bit of a romantic. …Of the delusional type. Certain ideas come to me under the rose-tinted guise of romanticism only later upon execution to be starkly revealed as pure insanity. Usually with some sort of physically painful/highly embarrassing retribution involved. This was such a case. I [...]

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