Driving west from New Orleans, the I-10 took us on long stretches of elevated roadways over the bayou. It was like nothing I’d ever seen before. On either side of us, the green foliage of the trees leaned in. Their trunks submerged into the swamp, an abrupt halt to the line my eye expected to follow to roots and earth.

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As we drove farther away from the city, an oil refinery became visible, silhouetted in the periwinkle and lilac of the morning. I’m sure it’s horrible environmentally, but in that moment it was just so… pretty. The smoke puffed out of stacks to meet the clouds in an azure mist. I’d have taken a picture, but driving does tend to put a damper on that impulse. As we got into Texas, swamps gave way to green fields filled with little yellow flowers, rimmed by trees and lorded over by the occasional herd of cattle. The sky turned to that deep, cerulean blue, with white clouds laying low and heavy. We flipped to the radio and tried to get the full Texas experience by listening to country. Unfortunately, the stations in the middle of nowhere basically consisted of praise-jesus and mariachi band, so we put that thought on hold for a bit. After four hours we made it to Houston and stopped for lunch and a look around. We only saw a very little bit of downtown, but everyone there was so genial and unrestrained. As we walked down the street, almost everybody had something kind to say to us.


It was Mother’s Day, and this little girl looked so cute holding a flower for her mother I had to take a creeper snap of her.


The owner of this restaurant was pulling out of the parking lot and stopped to offer to take a picture for us in front of his cool mural. I’m telling you, everyone was so nice!


Bitterman’s Market Square Bistro and Grill served up some mighty fine shrimp quesadillas. Of course I was too hungry to have the mental capacity to think to take a picture, but picturing a quesadilla doesn’t take too much imagination, does it?


A nice stop, and interesting to get a quick look at Houston. Then it was back on the road. San Antonio awaited us…

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