Junior year of high school my friends and I would spend some of our nights running around pretending to be zombies. I don’t particularly feel the need to justify this because it was so insanely fun, but if you must know, it was for a chemistry-film project. We’d dress for the part (green/brown body paint, tattered skimpy clothes, crazy hair), and roam the hills, lumbering about and breathing heavily and doing whatever else we imagined zombies did.

During one of these filming sessions there was a long break where we weren’t being used. My friends, Erin and Mikkie and I decided we wanted to run down the hill topless. This I won’t justify, because it was just one of those inexplicable things we liked to do as teenagers.

We started down. Mikkie, being a gentleman volunteered to run ahead of us so he wouldn’t see Erin and I with our girly bits. It was exhilarating. Our feet padded the ground in the quiet, cool night air slipped past us, we whopped and frolicked, and were delightfully youthful. Then we rounded the corner and out of nowhere popped out Creepy Arnold with his video camera! Erin and Mikkie dashed to the left, and I leaped off the path to the right. Except unbeknownst to me, the path was bordered on that side by a chain strung through posts every 20ft or so. As I launched myself out of Creepy Arnold’s view, the chain caught me squarely across the shins, sweeping my feet out from under me, and sending me hurtling through the air, topless, into a bush.

And that is how I learned the true meaning of look before you leap.


Btw, if you were wondering what zombies looked like…

zombie clan

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