(A tale by popular demand.)

Let me preface: anyone could have made this mistake!

It was a birthday dinner at a mexican restaurant. In the grand finale of the meal, the waiters come out and bring a piñata  and everyone sings Happy Birthday. They present the birthday person (in this case my girl friend) with a dessert of some sort of fried tortilla strips with cinnamon and maple syrup and covered in whipped cream. And a single candle.

Now we’re passing this dessert around the table, chit chatting, and each taking strips to munch on. I wasn’t paying particular attention. The plate makes one round. It comes back around for a second. I take my whipped-cream-covered tortilla strip. It’s a little different than the others. But I’m not prejudiced. To me, this makes it special in my eyes. I appreciated this tortilla’s uniqueness. Maybe it will be especially delicious.

Then the bite: I’ve made a terrible mistake. That is not the crunch of victory. That is the “wtf is this texture, wtf is this?” crunch of folly. I extract this waxen intruder from my mouth. A trojan horse, if you will. The candle has hidden within the dessert, and struck at me when I least expected it.

I place the candle on my plate and start to crack up. One by one, our table notices until we are all laughing up a storm.

Ever since then if we go out for a birthday dinner, my friends make sure to reserve me my special dessert. Yum.

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  1. Nay June 16, 2013, 2:38 pm

    Goooooood ass memories.

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