We met up with one of our friends from high school who is studying at Tulane and headed to Superior Seafood for our last night of New Orleans eating.

Sat at the oyster bar, we chatted with the man behind it shucking the oysters. I asked him how one was supposed to eat a raw oyster, since I’d never had one before, and the two men next to us invited me over to try one of theirs. There was some arguing between them about whether I ought to eat it on a cracker to disguise the texture a bit (everyone’s heard them described as slimy boogers, something I was trying unsuccessfully to put out of my mind), or go for the unadulterated pure-oyster experience. They decided since it was my first time I should put it on a cracker with some cocktail sauce. I wasn’t gonna give myself too much time to contemplate what a booger would taste like, so I confidently scraped that oyster out of the shell, saddled it onto a saltine, and dressed it with some red cocktail sauce. Then I took a moment to stare it down, eye to eye. It looked like a pretty big bite. But they assured me I could do it, and the time had come to meet the oyster. I opened wide and tossed it in. Chomp, chomp, chomp… YUM! It was good! The texture was fine, but I do think the saltine helped it out quite a bit on that end. A little salty, paired with that good cocktail sauce- I liked it!


When we ordered, I got the Oyster Po-Boy, basically a fried seafood sandwich with lettuce, tomatoes, and onions. Eating it was heaven- oyster juice dripped out of it, and once again I was loving the Louisiana hot sauce. I never thought I’d see the day. Another delicious, uniquely-Louisiana meal.

In a perfect ending to our stay in New Orleans, we went to a Tulane party and had a random reunion with this motley crew of Bay Area boys. Small world!


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